Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program


An opportunity for yoga teachers to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga through personal study under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

You just finished a Yoga TTC and you don't know what to do next?
Are you thinking of creating comprehensive yoga programs, online programs and retreats?
Do you feel that you do not have enough confidence, motivation, ideas or direction?

Indian Yoga Academy offers you a unique and fully customizable yoga mentoring program to suit your needs!
  • Defining your goals and challenges
  • Discovering and creating your authentic style as a teacher
  • Counseling in sequencing your classes according to the chosen topics, respecting both the traditional direction and the modern trends in teaching Yoga
  • Recommendations for teaching in a gym or a tudio, for online teaching and for prerecorded programs
  • Authentic interaction and customer loyalty
  • An action plan for meeting your objectives
  • Establishing your individualized personal practice that will include: meditation, pranayama, mudras, mantras, kriyas and asana practice.
  • Useful business tips
  • Q&A sessions
  • Sincere feedback for your ideas and action plan
ABOUT THE MENTORSWe have brought together experienced teachers and instructors to provide you with this mentoring program. They all have experience in many aspects of yoga and training, as well as in business and promotion on social media and beyond.

We will have a free 20 minute session to evaluate your requests and make sure you are associated with a mentor who will best meet your goals.


  • 8 sessions (4 sessions of 1 hour and 4 sessions of ½ hour) established together and adapted to your needs
  • Email support between sessions
  • Opportunity to assist the mentor during various events, such as special classes, teacher classes, yoga festivals and workshops
  • One-on-one coaching to ensure clear goals and directions are set according to your personality and needs
  • Sincere feedback and advice on your ideas and intentions
  • Individual study, personal practice and recommendations of materials for your inspiration and for deepening your knowledge, according to the objectives we set together
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Social media exposure: Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
  • Access to the community from the private mentoring group on Facebook to share your successes and challenges
  • Access to the database of our specialists: kinetotherapists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, osteopaths, psychotherapists, specialists in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, numerology, tarot, etc.
  • Discount on our workshops and events
  • Promotion at the end of the program on our Facebook and Instagram page


  • Persons thinking of creating comprehensive yoga programs, online programs or retreats
  • Persons looking for ideas and directions in their yoga instructor career paths
  • Persons wishing to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga
  • Note: This mentorship program is only available to persons who already completed a 200H Yoga Instructor Course, from any accredited school

Mentors in this program

Veronica Miona

Master Trainer of Yoga Course

From an early age Veronica has benn surrounded by sports, through her parents who were active in the fields of Greco-Roman wrestling and football.
Veronica became co-founder of Fitness Scandinavia School at the age of 26 and at 32, in a period of personal transformation ( shortly before, she had given birth to her second son), she felt like starting to practice Yoga regularly.
Although it was not the first time she had attended such a class, that was the turning point when she understood the meaning of this ancient practice — combining physical posture with breathing techniques with a flexible and open mind — which offers more than just movement and increased mobility, but also a better knowledge of one's own body and mind.

An energetic, restless nature, always under pressure - in the context of motherhood and the couple's relationship, but also of intense professional activity -, through the consistent practice that she has started and sustained since then, Veronica has finally found her own space of peace, centering and neutrality that will help her to renew her inner strength and find new resources for creativity (at home and at work), more calm and more balance in daily life.

Moreover, what conquered her irretrievably in the practice of Yoga was that, through her body and mind training on a matt, she began to perceive a palpable feeling of belonging to something beyond the realm of immediate reality, a spiritual closeness to the whole Universe, to what we call Divinity, Source, Energy. Once you connect to this "Battery", Yoga becomes a physical and mental tool through which you access unsuspected internal resources, which can be used for a more beautiful, healthier and more conscious life, according to Veronica.

As she persevered and advanced with this knowledge, the next natural step for her was to obtain Master Trainer certification and make her debut as a teacher for future Yoga instructors and teachers in Romania, within Fitness Scandinavia School.

Currently, in the classes and courses she teaches, Veronica Miona generously shares the information, in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, conducive to communication and learning. In fact, her professional mantra is "As long as I am charged and healthy, I can easily transmit positive energy and I can easily charge those around me."

Georgiana Buta

Master Trainer of Yoga Course

Four years ago Georgiana chose to dedicate herself to a a new journey, to be close to people, to share her knowledge and experiences so that as many people as possible can enjoy an active lifestyle, aware of how to have a state of wellbeing.

She soon managed to build her own business, a business growing around a healthy and mindful lifestyle. Her creative style helped her to highlight several types of practices, to harmoniously combine the traditional yoga style with the contemporary style.
The pandemic period determined her to enter the online environment and to build online programs, programs accessible to any type of client regardless of the style and experience in the practice of yoga.

For her, every day  is an opportunity to discover even more of what yoga can offer us.

Georgiana has a cheerful nature, with a lot of energy and she wants to be with you on this journey, to help you create your own authentic style that can shine a light on yourself



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